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Intersource Consulting Group

Intersource Consulting Group LLC combines all the key ingredients to a successful financial services firm in one monthly subscription service. Starting with a solid compliance background, ICG can help your firm identify weaknesses in policies, compliance culture, surveillance, back office operations, training, and technology to bolster your readiness in regulatory exams and various market conditions.

  • Boost Your Firm’s Efficiency

  • Generate Additional Revenues

  • Achieve Business Growth Objectives

  • Up To 30% Savings To Your Bottom Line

Ernie Kappotis:

Don Pollard:

Why Intersource Consulting Group

Our concept is a simple one but a powerful statement that addresses a visceral need within the financial services industry: All departments must communicate and work with each other.

The founding members of ICG, as well as the consultants and associates who share a unifying passion, know this need very well. Broker Dealers and RIAs are more-or-less sales-driven organizations and often lag in implementing an adequate infrastructure in place. What you get is a disjointed, haphazard collection of clusters that are beholden to monthly sales figures. And for small to mid-sized firms, it is cost-prohibitive, if not downright impossible, to put together an adequate team that can function like a cohesive entity, let alone a nationally recognized organization.

In response to this need, ICG is a firm that enables Financial Services firms to leverage the infrastructure of a much larger enterprise while paying for only what they need on a monthly subscription basis. This allows firms to control their costs, predict finances and summon extra support as the needs of the firm grow. Adding to that foundation is ICG’s philosophy of understanding what our clients need, providing them with exceptional customer service, and delivering a cost-effective solution to addressing those needs. ICG prides itself on being able to offer the highest quality professionals and associates to help you meet all your regulatory, operational, technological and financial reporting requirements!

No matter what your firm’s size, you can run a robust, effective and cost-managed infrastructure at your fingertips. Because at the end of the day, you’d rather be focused on generating more business and growing your firm.